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For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple…..and wrong - H. L. Mencken

At FWCO, we take great pride in our ability to discover the right answers for those complex problems. We work closely with our clients to carefully define the objectives and issues to be addressed, develop research questions and determine what data is required to address those complex questions, collect and analyze that data, and present the results in the form of reports, presentations, and workshops depending upon the needs of each client. We apply this approach in delivering a wide range of services to our clients. A brief description of our core services is provided below.


Program Evaluation

Our staff have undertaken more than 400 evaluations of programs and organizations. We provide a full spectrum of program evaluation services from evaluability assessments and the preparation of evaluation frameworks to the implementation of process and summative evaluations. Our clients include federal, provincial, and local governments, non-profit organizations, and private sector organizations. Our Managing Partner, Ted Weicker, is one of the leading authorities on program evaluation in Canada. We have applied our leading-edge skills and methodologies to fields as diverse as immigration, health, economic development, innovation & technology, energy conservation, First Nations, education, environment, transportation, forestry, agriculture, housing, tourism, art and culture, and social services.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is the process of collecting, analyzing and/or reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group, organization, system or component. We have extensive experience in helping our clients to develop and implement performance measurement frameworks. We are commonly involved in defining appropriate performance metrics, developing tracking systems and tools for collecting reliable data and information, collecting data, and reporting results through reports, presentations, dashboards, and other media. The systems we develop help our clients monitor the results of their activities, assess effectiveness in meeting their goals and objectives, make informed decisions, implement effective risk management strategies, and generate reports for senior management, boards, funders and other stakeholders.

Program Design

We provide program design and redesign services. Based upon an assessment of client needs and the operating environment, we help clients to assess the need for programming, develop programming objectives, determine the activities that should be undertaken in pursuit of these objectives, quantify staffing and resource requirements, and define monitoring and information systems. Our program designs can be implemented easily and effectively by program staff. As part of the design process, we often undertake surveys of the target groups to assess the types of programs or services that should be implemented.

Organizational Reviews

Our staff have conducted a wide variety of organizational reviews, mapping existing structures, processes, programs and service (e.g. the resources used, authorities, stakeholders, process time, costs), defining the core processes of the organization, assessing existing performance, identifying potential opportunities for improvement, assessing those opportunities, developing recommendations to re-engineer, streamline and optimize operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and assisting in the implementation of those recommendations. We have conducted organizational reviews for government departments, government agencies, educational and research institutions, and non-profit associations.

Strategic and Business Planning

Together, our staff have undertaken over 300 strategic and business planning assignments including the development of strategic plans, business plans, and feasibility studies for government, industry, and non-profit organizations. For example, we have prepared business plans for public and non-profit organizations as diverse as education and training organizations (e.g. the BC Construction Industry Training Organization), government departments (e.g. Parks Canada), government initiatives (e.g. the Hydrogen Highway), government agencies (the BC Academic Health Council), industry associations (e.g. the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table), utilities (BC Hydro), research institutes (e.g. the Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation), and tourist attractions (the Burnaby Village Museum). We have also prepared business plans for private companies operating in a wide range of sectors including high technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, education, agriculture, tourism, wood products, information technology, apparel, arts and culture, and consumer goods. The managing partner, Ted Weicker, was the designer and developer of the Interactive Business Planner (IBP), an online business plan development tool which won a national award for innovation from the Government of Canada. The IBP allows users to research and complete a business plan without having to leave the home or office. It has been used by thousands of small businesses throughout the world to prepare business plans.

Sector and Regional Studies

To assist us in undertaking economic development studies, we have developed a proprietary Competitiveness Model which incorporates factors related to both the macro environment as well as the micro-business environment. At the macro level, the model incorporates factors such as the stability and predictability of the political system, the attitude of government leaders, the legal and regulatory environment (international, federal, provincial and local), the tax structure, and the macroeconomic conditions. At the micro-business level, the model incorporates factors such as the availability and relative costs of skilled and unskilled labour, production inputs, transportation infrastructure (highway, airports, ports, etc.), energy and facilities as well as access to the building blocks of cluster development such as market access, financing, technology, specialized services, and related supporting industries. We also review the availability of financial and other forms of incentives (e.g. tax breaks, loans, grants, training, etc.) as well as quality of life and competitive issues that can affect location decisions. We have applied this model preparing development strategies for a wide variety of regions across BC and across Canada and to almost all sectors of our economy. As an illustration, we applied this model in preparing provincial development strategies for the agriculture sector (Focus on the Future identified and assessed key issues that are strategically important to the overall long-term success of the BC agri-food industry and defined specific strategies and meaningful actions that industry, government and the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC can pursue to assist industry to expand, diversify and enhance its competitive position and build a stronger industry future), the high technology sector, and the life sciences sector.

Marketing Strategies

We have conducted market research studies and developed marketing strategies for clients in industries such as forestry, energy, investments, medical device manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, fish and aquaculture, biotechnology, ginseng, pharmaceuticals, tourism, soil conditioners, cultural attractions, marine technology, and design industries. For example, we have assessed the domestic and international market potential for a wide variety of food products and prepared strategies for specific products (ranging from tree fruits, berries, ginseng, fish, shellfish, greenhouse vegetables, herbs, dairy products, meats, alternative meats, spreads, dressings and oils, soups, pastas, bakery products, snack foods, seaweed and beverages to functional foods, organic products, and food additives) and for specific regions.

Investment Attraction and Trade Promotion

We have conducted investment attraction and trade promotion studies for clients at the municipal level (e.g. the District of Chilliwack), the provincial level (e.g. Leading Edge BC) and the national level (e.g. FedDev Ontario and Western Economic Diversification). We have also been involved assisting individual companies attract investment and exports. As parts of these studies, we conduct both secondary research into potential markets and sectors and primary research targeted at potential investors, buyers and key intermediaries.

Small Business Development

Many of our projects have focused on small business development through evaluation of key government programs (e.g. Canada Business Service Centres, the Loan Investment Fund Program, Community Futures Program, Self-employment Assistance Program, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program, Women's Enterprise Initiative, Equity Capital Program, Aboriginal Capital Corporations, First Citizens Loan Fund, and Business Advisory Centres), extensive surveys of small businesses, specialized initiatives and research (e.g. for the Leadership and Management Council of BC), preparation of entrepreneurship development strategies, development of on-line tools (e.g. the Interactive Business Planner, Enterprise Online, the Interactive Exporter, the Small Business Check-up and the One Step Business Registration) and the provision of management consulting services to small businesses.

High Tech

We are a leader in research on the high technology sector, from the preparation of development strategies for the high tech sectors to the preparation of strategic plans and marketing plans for high tech companies to the evaluation of government funded programs and initiatives designed to promote cluster development and innovation in British Columbia. Examples of programs we have evaluated in the past include the Equity Capital Program, an e business institute for Western Canada, BC Research Corporation, the Science Council of BC, 7 Regional Science Councils operating in BC, the BC Biotechnology Alliance, the Software Productivity Centre, Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre, the First Jobs in Science and Technology, the Green Economy Development Program, Technology BC Program, OSAP, Community Futures, the Loan Investment Fund Program, the Women's Enterprise Society, the four Canada Business Service Centres operating in Western Canada, and the Program for Agriculture Technology Transfer.

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